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  • Ayurveda for Skin & Hair Care


Most of us love to apply different beauty products on our skin and hair everyday. But we often ignore the ingredients present in these products. Skin is the largest organ of our body and 60% of whatever we apply on our skin gets absorbed into our body.
We have taken special care to make the right formulations with the right ingredients in the right method. Too many ingredients are not jammed into one product but minimal and effective ingredients derived from nature. All our formulations have an interesting story behind it.
We use natural and Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils in our skin care and hair care range. The active ingredients are added in the form of herbal extracts. Modern beauty formulations are disappointingly full of potentially harmful ingredients.
Our products are free from all kinds of animal ingredients and animal derived products rejecting the ideology of using animals as a commodity. Our products are plant based and is rich in Vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and natural oils.
Good Manufacturing (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. The raw materials used in the manufacture of drugs are authentic, of prescribed quality and are free from contamination.

Our Brand Story

My experience with Ayurveda is a very long journey. The aroma of Ayurvedic Herbs takes me back to my childhood days to my grandfather's popular Vaidyasala where he made medicines from different herbs for his patients. I loved to spend my vacations with him.The desire to become a doctor grew alongside and I eventually graduated as a Doctor in Ayurveda from the prestigious VPSV Ayurveda College in Kottakkal, Kerala.

I began my career as a physician. During my 3 years of clinical experience, I realized that Ayurvedic Cosmeceuticals were too rare in use. The majority of the formulations were in Choorna or powder form which people found difficult to incorporate into their busy schedules. Rather than setting up a clinic, I considered taking a different path as my husband already had a business where they produce essential oils under the brand name "Nilgiri Aromas". And then we gave it a thought, why can't we launch something unique !!!!

The official launch of Ayurvedic line of Nilgiri Aromas marked the start of my entrepreneurial career. It was very challenging as there were several potholes and no obvious path for a beginner like me. But, I was fortunate to have the support of my life partner, my family and a wonderful battalion of talented women who stood by me and continue to stand by me inorder to make my dreams a reality. As makers and marketers, our prime goal is to deliver the best products to our patrons.

Nilgiri aromas has launched a series of natural skin and hair care products during the past decade. We are still working on a few experiments to bring more scientifically validated products into the market in order to cater to the global need.

Dr. Dilna Raj