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Most of us love to apply different beauty products on our skin and hair everyday. But we often ignore the ingredients present in these products. Skin is the largest organ of our body and 60% of whatever we apply on our skin gets absorbed into our body. However with the rising awareness among people, many of us are switching to Ayurvedic  and natural products.

We think that it’s worth discovering the long term benefits of natural ingredients mentioned in the ancient Ayurvedic texts and formulating 100% natural skincare products that would create long lasting benefits for your skin, hair and environment. We believe in achieving natural beauty through natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals. We use the purest Ayurvedic herbs and extracts to ensure good quality products to our patrons.

We collect fresh herbs from our own premises and from local farmers. The essential oils are collected from our own distillation units in Ooty, The Nilgiris.

We take you for a deep dive into the sea of natural skin care, discovering some amazing results for you!



We have taken special care to make the right formulations with the right ingredients in the right method. Too many ingredients are not jammed into one product but minimal and effective ingredients derived from nature.  All our formulations have an interesting story behind it. The first baby of Nilgiri Aromas is our all time favourite, Nilgiri Aroma’s Sandal Fairness Facepack. Each and every product is packed with a wonderful combination of powerful active ingredients.

Each product conforms to the standards laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS). Each batch is prepared with utmost care under the guidance of Doctors in Ayurveda and is analysed before releasing into the market.



We use natural and Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils in our skin care and hair care range. The active ingredients are added in the form of herbal extracts. Modern beauty formulations are disappointingly full of potentially harmful ingredients. Here we bring to you Ayurvedic medicines which are capable enough to generate amazing results on regular use.



Our products are free from all kinds of animal ingredients and animal derived products  rejecting the ideology of using animals as a commodity. Our products are plant based and is rich in Vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and natural oils.  Vegan skincare is not just better for the animals but it is better for us too. No animals were involved in the making and testing of our products.



Good Manufacturing (GMP) is a system  for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. The raw materials used in the manufacture of drugs are authentic, of prescribed quality and are free from contamination. Nilgiri Aromas is a GMP certified company approved by the Ministry of Ayush. All our products are prepared as per GMP guidelines under the guidance of qualified doctors in Ayurveda.