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An Ayurvedic cleansing bar for dull and damaged skin. The Aloe vera extracts lightens skin,reduces pigmentations and heals blemishes. Coconut oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Shea butter keeps the skin hydrated by preserving the natural oils present in the skin.Ayurvedic Vegan ca..
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Tyhi Handmade Sandal Soap 100g *5 Combo Pack
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This is an invigorating formula that maintains freshness throughout the day. A perfect blend enriched with Pure Coconut oil and Sandalwood oil. Relieves dryness, removes dead skin cells and prevents skin damage.Ayurvedic Vegan Suitable for all skin typesHow to apply? Can be used on ..
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Cleanses body and face, protects skin from harsh pollutants. Sandalwood oil prevents skin from early ageing. Coconut Oil contains natural antioxidants that absorbs easily into body, moisturizes and replenishes skin.Ayurvedic Vegan Suitable for all skin typesHow to apply? Can be u..
Ex Tax:Rs.350.00
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