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Aloe Vera

( Aloe Barbadensis)

There is always a good reason to keep Aloe vera around. In addition to being a lovely succulent common house plant with spiky leaves, what is in those leaves makes it an inevitable ingredient in beauty care. The leaf of aloe is rich in water particularly in the innermost layer, so it works as a wonderful moisturizer. It helps to hydrate the skin and lock its moisture. Providing moisture to cuts on the skin facilitates healing. So it helps with sunburn and wounds. Due to the cooling effect it is used to reduce inflammation and redness on skin.

Aloe vera has promising results on scalp too. Since scalp is a hair covered extension of our facial skin, it gets the same benefits from Aloe vera as the rest of our skin gets. It calms the scalp with itching, dandruff and dermatitis. The active ingredients present in Aloe vera promotes hair growth and strengthens hair strands.

Aloe gel has been found to fade dark spots and stretch marks on regular use. It also inhibits the growth of fungi, bacteria and viruses, so it is effective in managing acne. Due to the presence of vitamins A & C, it prevents the formation of free radicals, which causes cell damage. Thereby it slows down the signs of aging.

We have used aloe vera as an important ingredient in our skin and hair care range of products.