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Nalpamara, the natural skin illuminator, refers to the barks of four different species  of ficus trees, Ficus religiosa, Ficus bengalensis, Ficus racemosa and Ficus microcarpa. These four ficus species are together known as Nalpamara in Ayurveda.

The bark of peepal tree is an excellent remedy for skin ailments. Its bark is rich in vitamin K which is a good complexion corrector. It minimizes skin inflammation and treats hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Bath with nalpamara decoction is advised in post natal period to get rid of infections and also for lightening of surgery and pregnancy marks, scars and stretch marks. The bark of banyan also has well known skin benefits. Ficus racemosa helps in treating worn out skin. The overall antibacterial action controls acne. Ficus microcarpa is also well known for its positive benefits on skin. Together with coffee, the Nalpamara Extracts present in our Shea Butter Coffee Face Scrub improves skin texture and complexion.